RiverStation West West 大歩危観光株式会社

Company Profile


Company name
Oboke Gorge Tourism corporation
President and CEO
Yoko Nishimura
25 million yen
company location
1468-1 Nishi-u, Yamashiro-cho, miyoshi-city, Tokushima Prefecture
number of employees
15 people (including part time)
Company philosophy
We fully love Yoshino-river and Oboke Gorge, and offer top-class products, spaces and services to our visitors.
Business content
Gift shop, Iya-Soba Restaurant, Tokushima ramen, Outdoor shop, Dog run facilities, Tree Trekking, quick jump, Rafting, Operating Sightseeing base facility
Corporate history
1969 company established (business starts called line park Oboke)
1972 A watermill and ethnic museum (now maple Momiji Restaurant) relocated in the same site
2002 Operated by Nishimura Construction Co., Ltd. through acquisitions (M & A). We temporarily suspended our business for 33 years.
2003 Started construction of facilities (now West-West) on the same site
2004 Renewal opening as River Station West-West
2009 Renewal café in this facility. Tokushima Ramen Nishiri open.
2013 Open dog run facility in this same facility
2016 Open a tree trekking facility in the same facility.
2017 The facility has been provided as the main venue for Japan's World Rafting Championships held this time.
2018 Expand the tree trekking facility in the same facility (the largest in West Japan)
2019 Starts opetations of Mont-Bell room Oboke shop. (Franchise)
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