RiverStation West West 大歩危観光株式会社

Let’s go on the raft boat

This activity is no needed any reservation, a 30 mins easy-to use experience tour where you can participate without changing clothes.
Your feet get wet, but you can hardly get wet by taking a splash.
If you have a swimsuit, you can swim.
The tour is a calm place, so 2 year old children and dogs (for a fee) can join together.
Let's go on a rafting boat on the Yoshino River for adventure !!

West West Story offers videos of rafting fun, beautiful photos of the Yoshino River, crystal clear water, and river guides.


Business hours

10:00 ~17:00 (final reception 16:30)

  • You can join without any reservation.
  • There may be a wait when it is crouded.
  • It may be canceled or closed during heavy weather, bad weather , hight water level, such as a typhoon. Please call us and contact us in advance. 0883-84-1117
Business period
Golden week (From end of April to early May)
From Mid of July to end of November(Tuesdays and Wednesdays closed every week from September.)
*less than an elementary school kid’s needed companion of being taking care of.
Participation fee
2200 yen (From junior high school students)
1500yen (Up to elementary school)
1200 yen
  • There is also a set price for tree trekking, quick jumping, and riding on a raft boat !!