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Iya-soba Momiji tei

A hand-made Iya Soba store where 200-year-old old houses of Heike village were relocated to be surrounded by broad-leaved trees.
Iya Soba, which is one of the traditional dishes of the Tokushima and Iya districts, is a rustic rural noodle that is said to have been created as a regular meal by the late Heike's(Samurai century)Dropout.
The texture is moist, but because there are only few joint wheat, you can taste the original sweetness of buckwheat.
In addition to menus such as “Cold Yamakake Bukkake Soba" that specializes in unique noodles and “Sudachi Soba" that makes full use of Sudachi, which is a specialty of Tokushima local specialty dishes such as “local vegetable Tempura" and cold rock Tofu. One dish food is also fulfilling
Please relax slowly in the shop where the interior with pure wood and the lighting of the one-point object etc.
West West Srory provides detailed information on the story of how Momiji-tei was renovated from an old private house and how the restaurant was established.
Meal reservations (except during the busy season) are available on the reservation menu.
* Please inquire using the inquiry form, fax, or telephone.


Business hours


  • Except GW period, from middle of July to the end of November Until 15:00
  • Saturday Sunday and Public holiday after GW ~ middle of July, Until 17:00
Regular holiday

Wednesday (No regular holiday in GW period, from middle of July to the end of November)

  • If Wednesday is the Public holiday, we will open the store

Lunch reservations are available through the reservation menu. (Excluding busy season)
*For details, please contact us using the inquiry form or telephone, fax.

  • TEL 0883-84-1117
  • FAX 0883-84-1116