RiverStation West-West 大歩危観光株式会社


The open location of Yoshinogawa in front of you, please enjoy the unusual BBQ.
With complete reservation system, arrangement of ingredients, preparation and post-cleaning will also be carried out here.
It can also be used for recreation, events and group lunches after a rafting tour.
* Please contact us if you have more than 50 users.


Available time


  • Reservation required
Regular holiday
User guide
BBQ House Basic Rate
1,000 yen per person for 2 hours
Per person after 2 hours
200 yen
  • Principle, It will be used by 8 people or more
  • 3 years old and below is free of charge
  • The site preparation, disposal of charcoal and waste, and parking lot are included in the above amount.
Food arrangement

2,500 yen ~

  • Cancellation fee (100%) will be incurred from 4 days before for the convenience of stocking

Please contact us using the inquiry form, telephone or fax for reservation.

  • TEL 0883-84-1117
  • FAX 0883-84-1116