RiverStation West West 大歩危観光株式会社

Facility introduction

The RiverStation West-West has a unique parking area with a capacity of 100 cars, a spacious bicycle parking space dedicated to motorcycles, an observation deck with a view of the Oboke Gorge (a toll area), and a central slope to reach the river Area (a toll area), etc., completed with a full range of facilities to enjoy the Oboke Gorge.

  • Observation deck (paid area)

    An observation deck boasting an outstanding location where you can see the natural sculpture “OBoke Gorge" created by 200 million years from the viewpoint of ophthalmology.
    Please enjoy the beauty of the four seasons designated as scenic spots
    There is also a “Quick Jump" where you can experience a free fall from 15 meters high.

    Tree trekking &
    Quick Jump

  • Large, clean toilets (paied area)

    Like a hotel’s toilet
    Worth a toilet stop at the restroom only
    All equipped with washlet, toilet seat cleaner and baby cot.
    * There are other toilets where Lawson. Nishiri, Momiji outside the pay area.

  • Central slope to the river

    “Central slope" which is the largest feature of the facility. You can safely get down to the river, and it is also the starting point for a rafting Koboke course, and let’s jump on the raft boat

    Let's go on the raft boat!