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Tokushima Ramen Nishiri

A full-scale Tokushima ramen shop at the westernmost tip of Tokushima prefecture, trained at the very popular shop "Fukuri” in Tokushima Ramen.
Please enjoy a kind of soy sauce-tonkotsu soup with a rich and sweet taste and a refreshing aftertaste.
You can also enjoy the café menu on the on-site wood deck.
The tender soup and fine noodles coexisting with richness and sweetness are exquisitely intertwined and finished into a refreshing aftertaste.
Enjoy the "ultimate cup” while watching the magnificent view of the Oboke Gorge
Besides, there are also awesome side menus such as fried rice and Gyoza, and manual preparation of deep fried chicken dishes.
You can also enjoy the riverside cafe on the attached wood deck.
Why don’t you come and enjoying a cafe time in a pleasant river breeze?

West West Story introduces the story of our founding and our commitment to Tokushima ramen.


Business time

11:00~17:00 (in case of closing at 15:00 some times)

  • Buisines hour will be extended on GW period, from middle of July to the end of November
Regular holiday
No regular holiday
phone number 090-5272-1052
  • Please call us for business hours, reservations, and take-out consultations.

West West Story
of "Tokushima Ramen Nishiri"

  1. 2022.08.11 徳島らーめん「にし利」のご紹介